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Viet Nam

Bio Statement The ancient Glory is a heavily fortified, built in 1804, king Gia Long. This is a ancient ramparts best in Security Technology. Of ancient Honour belonging to Vinh city Vietnam and is so loved by tourists who travel with Vietnam visa. The original city was built the land to the king Minh mang in 1831, the city was upgraded, built of laterite with scale and more permanent. The consists of 6 edges, 6 corners, perimeter 2520m. On the face of deployed military buildings to fight. The selection of land and direction of building based on feng shui theory the East. The South-East of the city is the Hong Linh mountain range associated with the legendary 100 bird phoenix find the nest, west of the city is the Celestial Rings with 999 vertices, the front side is the Blue with the three Korea Export, Phoenix, That List stands adjacent to junction Three of the river Greedy, money-making project, right in front is the river Dunes Rustic winding winding pour out the fork Cranes made money glass. Wall height of 4.8 m around is the moat, deep and wide. At launch, the imperial Nguyen dynasty has mobilized up to 1,000 soldiers in Thanh Hoa, more than 4,000 soldiers in Nghe An. Up to the time of tu Duc, before upgrading to transfer 8.599 slate oyster from home, and laterite from Men, 4.848 weight lime, 155 weight molasses, with a total funding of up to 3.688, money - a colossal amount at the time. Of ancient Glory, there are 3 doors is door Money, door Description, door. Door Money is the main door facing the South, to the king dwells, price, the, in, the court and the governor out on. Door Description the East gate Property towards the West. Inside, the largest is the palace, the east palace have the governor, the south has extreme daddy, chief, project monitoring, captains, director of learning, north are the barracks and the stockade. After this the west also has a guardian warrior. The entire page is 65 cannon and 47 password set in the watchtower, the remaining focus in the supply and governor. City Vinh hao water width 28m, depth 3.2 m, both sides of pride rock to resist erosion, in the trenches of dropping to annual tribute to the imperial court. System, proud of the ancient Glory connected with the river Vinh, a nib width 2m, depth 1.6 m, the bottom width of 1.2 m. Trenches are dug the side out of the to take the land apply accumulated the shore of time is the system of external protection . Vinh city is built to create a center of political, military, defensive buildings of the province of Nghe An; but the feudal Nguyen dynasty are on the path of death should the Glory, not to promote the most active role in Italian furniture design, which soon became the center against the patriotic movement, become remnants of a time of tragic but heroic of the people of Nghe An. The Glory attached with many incidents of history, the destruction of war, now monuments are almost ruins, only the remaining 3 city gates and the lake district surrounded. Source: Du Lich