Laparoscopic plastic of inguinal hernias

I. A. Kryvoruchko, A. V. Sivozhelezov, N. A. Sykal, V. V. Chugay, A. A. Tonkoglas


The problem of surgical treatment of inguinal hernias over the last 25 years has gone through global changing. Tension free correction of defects of the anterior abdominal wall with using of synthetic prostheses are now the undisputed favorites in the treatment of inguinal hernias. After Lichtenstein operation, Laparoscopic hernia repair now occupies the second place in the structure of operations for inguinal hernias.
During the period from 2011 performed 149 laparoscopic hernia repair TAPP, of which 19 patients with recurrent hernias, after autoplasty (10) and alloplasty by Liechtenstein (9) and 11 with bilateral hernias. The authors did not mention severe intra-or postoperative complications, as well as the conversion to open surgery at failure during laparoscopic surgery. From intraoperative complications they met more often bleeding (4). The greatest technical difficulties arose in damage of inferior epigastric vessels. In the postoperative period they met next complication: most frequent groin hematoma (4), neuralgia (2) and paresthesias (5), pain in humeroscapular area (4). The laparoscopic techniques of hernia repair are effective, pathogenetically substantiated, provides a comfortable postoperative period and the possibility of early rehabilitation.


inguinal hernia, laparoscopic procedure, mesh, gerniostepler, complication

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