Circadian rhythm of metabolism indicators in healthy people according to saliva study findings

Yu. M. Hryshko, T. V. Gorbatch, A. I. Gozhenko


In recent years, the concept of functional-metabolic continuum (FMС) has been formulated, which indicates the relatively constant nature of metabolism and its parameters in the intercellular environment. Thus, in its turn, is closely and adequately connected to the functional activity of organs and cells, thus forming a single system – the continuum. In addition, the functional activity of key low molecular weight antioxidants in the tissues and biological fluids of the body may, to a large extent, indicate the adaptive abilities and reactions at the level of the entire organism. One of the possible approaches to FMC study, depending on the physiological activity of the body, is to determine the parameters of metabolism and regulatory molecules relative to the daily rhythm, i.e., their comparison in the morning and in the evening, when the changes in the body over the day are observed, in other words, when there is an overall load. The aim of this research was to examine the circadian rhythm of FMC in healthy people according to saliva study findings.
Thus, the obtained results, firstly, represent the existence of daily changes in FMC, and secondly, constitute a possible information channel that can be used to study these changes, to determine and compare indicators in the morning and evening about the functional activity of the body involving the regulatory systems.


functional-metabolic continuum, circadian rhythm, metabolism

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