Methods of preparation of endometrium in patients with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome before the transfer of vitrified / warmed embryos

O. M. Nosenko, D. R. Ayzyatulova


The aim of the study was to develop a personified method of endometrium preparation for the transfer of vitrified / warmed embryos in women with the development of OHSS in IVF programs. 39 women with early OHSS after IVF, who were undergoing personalized correction of the morphofunctional state of the endometrium, and 39 patients with baseline OHSS II group undergoing standard therapy were examined and treated. Control group consisted of women without OHSS in the IVF cycle. Personalized correction of the morphofunctional state of the endometrium includes traditional hormonal replacement therapy and addition of adjuvants: preparation with extract of horse chestnut and thiamine hydrochloride, vitamin E, serratiopeptidase, myo-inositol, the product of proteolysis of the placenta of cattle, L-arginine aspartate. The application of the developed method for the preparation of endometrium for the transfer of vitrified / warmed embryos by the developed method contributed to the prolongation of pregnancy and the increase in the number of live births in 2,11 times (OR 3.17; 95% CI 1.20-8.39; p<0,02). The increase in absolute benefit (therapeutic benefit) of the proposed person-adjusted correction is 25.64% (95% CI 5.12-46.16%), an increase in relative benefit corresponds to a clinically significant effect of 111.10% (95% CI 9.40 – 307.40 %), the number of patients to be treated is 3.90 (95% CI 2.17-19.52). The developed method is effective for the preparation of endometrium for the transfer of vitrified / warmed embryos.


in vitro fertilization, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, cycle segmentation, vitrified / warmed embryos, method of endometrium preparation, live births

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