Research concepts use in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence

Gabriela Bidzińska, Adrian Sieroń


Urinary incontinence is a significant social problem that affects both women and men regardless of age, ethnic or cultural differences. It is estimated that in Poland about 5 million people suffer from this disorder and it affects twice as many women than men. In addition, it has been shown that the frequency of disease and the severity of symptoms increases with age. Recent reports indicate that over 50% of all cases are stress urinary incontinence (WNM), which using appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic methods, is reversible and can be cured. The cause of stress urinary incontinence is the reduction of muscle tone of the crotch, pelvic floor, fascia and relaxation of connective tissue.

Diagnosis of the lower urinary tract should be based on the interview, analysis of the micturition diary, physical and urodynamic examination. In recent years, imaging diagnostics, mainly including ultrasound, have also begun to be used. The cheapest and safest method for the patient is conservative treatment and the patient should be qualified for this form of therapy at the very beginning. Surgical treatment should be used when conservative treatment does not bring positive effects.



urinary incontinence, physiotheraphy, treatment

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