Evaluation of Nutrition and Eating Habits in Children and Adolescents Practicing Football in a Sports Club in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Monika Ameryk, Małgorzata Pujanek, Agnieszka Augustyniak, Małgorzata Szamocka, Maciej Świątkowski


Proper diet is important for children and adolescents practicing sports, providing nutrients for the correct growth, optimal performance and recovery.
Purpose: The study evaluated the diet and eating habits of children and adolescents practicing football.
Methods: The study involved 100 boys (aged 11–16). Eating habits and consumption of 33 products were assessed using a modified KomPAN questionnaire. Subsequently, indices of healthy and unhealthy diet were determined.
Results: Only 30% respondents ate five meals per day and 16% kept fixed meal times. Almost 30% had a snack once daily, 90% ate fast food once a week, and 88% added sugar to beverages. One in ten ate sweets several times per week, while 20%—once daily. 86% ate fish once a week. 52% and 4% ate white and dark bread several times per day. Only 20% had buckwheat several times per week. White and red meat was eaten several times per week by 66.3% and 35.6%, while fish by only 5.7%. Only 20% had a moderate index of healthy diet and 90% had a low index of unhealthy diet.
Conclusions: Education of young footballers in nutrition is necessary to correct their eating habits and improve physical performance.


Young Athletes, football, nutrition, eating habits, dietary behaviours

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.229114


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